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The computer can be defined as a machine (Electronic Machine), which can accept data in a prescribed form, process the data in a specified manner and supply the Results.
            Computers are sophisticated calculating machines, which are capable of performing a large No. of mathematical operations in a very short time. Today computers are used in diverse applications such as weather forecasting, controlling machinery, and issuing tickets. They also set and print news papers and books etc.


1.      Business Applications:

           In office environment, preparation of reports, letters and documents, required comprehensives, editing and several revisions to be done respectively. Word processors are particularly useful for this kind of job.

2.      Scientific Applications:

         Today a computer used in scientific establishment infect there are worldwide networks linking universities and “R&D” (Research and Development) Laboratories

3.      Medical Applications:

       Computer is used for planning and monitoring patient management, inventory management, and billing etc.

4.      Engineering Applications:-

          Engineering to design a circuit and later analyzed the same and Report on defects such as un-connected components, as well as computers help design engineers to design a new component Ex: Car Model, Gear etc.,

5.      Education Applications:

         Computers when used in the field of Education Lead to improved student performance in thinking logically and in problem solving gravity and Newton law’s of motion.


1.         SPEED: - Computers can perform Arithmetic calculations and logical comparisons at an incredible speed with remarkable accuracy. The processing speed of a computer is generally measured in Nano-Seconds.


One Millie Second (M.S)    
(1/1000) Thousandth of a second
One Micro Second (μ.S)
(1/1000000) One millionth of a second.
One Nano-Second (N.S)
(1/1000000000) One Billionth of seconds
One Pico Second (P.S)
(1/1000000000000) One  Trillionth of a seconds

2.         STORAGE: - Computer has a large storage capacity. We could store say the contents of around 200 sheets of papers, on a medium which is not even half the size of one sheet of paper. A storage device is in a shape of “Lunch Box”.
3.         ACCURACY: - The Accuracy of computers is consistently high. Errors in computer are generally due to human negligence.
4.         DILIGENCE: - Computers being machines don’t suffer from concentration. If 5 (five) million calculations have to be performed with the same accuracy and speed as the first.
5.         VERSALITY: - A major strength of computer is that they can do a very wide range of jobs, both related and un-related with speed accuracy and diligence.


1.            LACK OF COMMON SENSE: - The computer is only a tool. It cannot think. It doesn’t have common sense or intelligent as we all have.
2.             INABILITY TO CORRECT: - When we give Instructions to a computer, we must give the correct Instructions. Computer follows the fact from Instructions. A computer con not uses its Brain because it’s doesn’t have brain.      
3.            DEPENDENTS ON HUMAN INSTRUCTIONS: - A computer cannot generate any information on its own. It can only do what it’s to do.


Computer History   starts with the development of a device called “Abacus” by the chinies around 3000 B.C. This was for the systematic of calculation of arithmetic like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

A French mathematician “Blaise Pascal” in “1642” developed first Calculating Machines. “Leibnitz” a German mathematician in “1694” developed Mechanical Computer which could add and multiply.

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